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Bruce's Vintage Watches

This page is where you find all the watches I have sold since the beginning of this website in 2013. This page automatically updates whenever a watch is sold, so the watches are listed chronologically, from most recent watch sold to the earliest watches sold. If you can't find a certain watch in the store that I've just announced, it's probably because somebody beat you to it, and you'll find it here.

Unlike my competitors, I leave the prices on the watches so you can see what they bought and to see how I stack up against my competition on prices. You can even perform a little market research to see what your own watches are worth. I hope you find this latest function of my website useful!

Stock Number 5675
Tudor tonneau 9kt gold
Excellent 9kt solid case measures 34.5mm long lug to lug, by 27mm wide. Beautiful original quadrant dial. Newer replacement winding crown. Good crystal. 15 jewel movement winds and sets fine, keeps time to within 2 min/day. 16mm black leather band. Not many know this, but Tudor started out making dress watches long before they got into Oyster…More details
Stock Number 5673
LeCoultre Memovox Alarm
Excellent all yellow gold filled case measures 37mm long lug to by 32mm wide. Excellent original dial. Excellent twin crowns and acrylic crystal. 17-jewel Caliber 489/1 alarm movement winds and sets perfectly, keeps time to within 2 min/day, and the alarm works perfectly, creating a nice audible buzz and tactile vibration. 16mm brown leather…More details
Zodiac SST automatic day/date 36,000 hi-beat movement
Excellent bordering on near-mint condition yellow electroplate bezel with stainless steel screw back. Case measures 39mm high lug to lug by 34mm wide. The watch has an 18mm lug opening. Dial is in excellent to near-mint condition with vibrant colors. Day/date windows are at the 3:00 position. Crown is the original signed and in excellent…More details
Stock Number 5664
Girard Perregaux Gyromatic
Excellent all gold filled one-piece case, measures 35mm long, lug to lug, by 31mm wide. 18mm lug opening. This is a slightly smaller GP Gyromatic and would look best on a small- to medium-size wrist. Very good original dial with a few freckles. Good crystal and crown. New 2-piece stem installed. Movement sets and winds perfectly and keeps…More details
Stock Number 5660
Military round sterling silver case
Some watches are cool just because! This is NOT a military issue watch, however it was made by the "Military Watch Co." to look like a military watch. Case is all silver, and measures 37mm long lug to lug, by 31mm wide, and the lug width is 16mm. One tool mark on back of case, Good dial, crystal, and crown. 7-jewel movement winds and sets…More details
Bulova "Duo-Wind" automatic NOS with orig. box
NOS condition case, with gold filled bezel and stainless steel back. Case measures 37mm long lug to lug, by 30mm wide. Dial, crystal, and signed crown are all NOS state. 17J Caliber 10AUC movement sets and winds perfectly, keeps acceptable time for a watch of this vintage. 16mm tan leather strap is a replacement, however the original strap is…More details
Elgin retro modern, diamond shape bezel
Excellent yellow rolled gold plate bezel with stainless steel back case, measuring 39 by 33mm diameter, not including crown. Excellent original dial, excellent crystal and signed crown. 17 jewel caliber 874 movement (by A. Schild) sets and winds perfectly, keeps acceptable time for a watch of this vintage. Speidel Twist-o-flex band attached.…More details
Ollendorf large Art Deco two-tone rectangle
Excellent two-tone (white and yellow) gold filled double hinged case, measuring 36mm long lug to lug, by 27mm wide, not including crown. No personalized engraving. Average to good original dial, somewhat darkened, but still not bad enough for a redial, in my opinion. Replacement crown (yellow) and acrylic crystal. 17 jewel signed Ollendorf…More details
Bulova Oceanographer 333 feet diver's watch
Excellent all stainless steel screwback case with 10kt white gold fluted bezel ring. Case measures 46mm long lug to lug by 36mm wide, not including crown. Excellent original black dial. Excellent original signed crown. Excellent and correct replacement acrylic crystal with magnifying lens over the date.17 jewel caliber 11BLACD automatic movement…More details
Stock Number 5622
Lord Elgin "Clubman"
All gold filled snapback case. Dimensions: 38mm high lug to lug, by 30mm wide, not inlcuding winding crown. Case is excellent condition for the most part, with only a tiny amount of splitting on the undersides of the lugs. Excellent condition enameling on the bezel; enamel is all there and has not been re-blacked with a Sharpie pen like many…More details