Gray Hair Vitamins for Black Hair

If you’d like to see less graying hair, you’ve got a lot of options. Obviously you can just dye it, but that’s a very short term solution at best. One of the best long term options though is anti gray hair vitamins. They can work for any hair type, including Black hair.

One of the causes of graying is actually that the hair and scalp lack the proper nutrients to grow healthy, youthful hair. So using a specialized graying hair vitamins that provides all of these missing nutrients can be a great way to deal with graying hair. One brand, Melanplus, even offers different formulas for Men and Women based on different nutritional needs.

Another option is to use an anti gray hair shampoo ( These often contain strong moisturizing agents which makes them great for Black hair which tends to be more dry. Some even contain small amounts of hair color to help gradually cover graying hair.

Premature gray hair can happen to anyone with any type of hair. It can be brought on by stress, heredity, poor health or a host of other factors. If you are looking for a great way to stop gray hair – hair supplements are a great place to start.

Why Black Hair Needs Protein

Black hair and protein grow fastBlack hair needs protein. It is the most essential element for any hair to grow healthy. Especially Black and Afro hair types. It’s a fact that hair is made from keratin protein. An amino acid (protein),  keratin is an essential building block of the hair strands that come from each hair follicle.

Therefore protein for Black hair growth will be a required ingredient in any black hair vitamins. In particular any Black hair vitamin that seeks to stimulate fast hair growth, or help generate longer healthy hair.

There are particular  Black hair growth vitamins that contain the same ratio of protein found in human hair. One of which is Exotic Allure Fast Grow. The purpose of this to make sure that the protein you take in from your diet matches what your hair needs. The protein profile contains the following:

  • L-Cysteine – 200mg
    This is probably the most important protein to the process of Black hair growth. It is one of the fundamental building blocks of hair. Surprisingly there are so called hair vitamin supplements around that contain little or none of this vital ingredient.
  • Additional Protein – 800mg
    Also included is a  proprietary blend of proteins. These amino acids are included in a special blend that is ideal to help promote healthier Black hair growth.

The big question people seem to always ask is, “I thought I got lots of protein from my diet. Isn’t that enough?” – enough is all relative however. If it means enough for your body to function normally and be reasonably healthy, then yes it’s very likely. However if it means enough for Black hair – even skin and nails to look amazing, beautiful, and be in it’s best vibrant state, likely not.

Many Women and Men pay little attention to their daily nutritional consumption compared to their needs. But Black hair needs protein everyday! Hair vitamins can revitalize slow growing, dull damaged hair and make it long, silky, healthy, and fast growing in a hurry!

Fast Grow Black Hair Vitamins

One of the best resources for products and articles regarding faster hair growth ( has just posted a review of Exotic Allure black hair vitamins. Their Fast Grow product is currently one of the most well talked about hair vitamins available. There are numerous positive reviews on this product around, and it is very highly regarded for it’s quality ingredients.

While black hair vitamins in general are gaining in popularity, more and more brands are popping up and making dubious promises on how well they can produce results. Faster hair growth in general is not something that requires trickery or crazy remedies, a carefully formulated hair supplement can produce great results! In many cases, up to 2 times the normal hair growth rate. This is exactly what Fast Grow by Exotic Allure reportedly can deliver.

This most recent review mentioned this Black hair vitamins quality ingredients, proprietary protein blend, and moisturizing oils. A quick check of Exotic Allure .com shows hundreds of positive user reviews – this is the mark of a good product! Check it out for more info!

Biotin and Black Hair Growth

Is Biotin vital to Black hair growth? The answer is absolutely, but it may not be a great stand alone hair vitamin supplement. Some people opt to take Biotin by itself to enhance Black hair growth. But often times many more hair nutrients are needed for optimum fast hair growth.

Here’s a little information on Biotin hair growth, and why it’s essential:

Biotin is a key B vitamin (B7) and is often referred to as Vitamin H due to the way it can improve hair and skin. It is a necessary nutrient used by the body when metabolizing food. But, what most people who take it don’t realize is that Biotin is typically found in sufficient amounts inside the body naturally.  So unless you have some kind of disorder that causes a Biotin deficiency, you need to use very little in the way of a Biotin supplement.

A better approach with regards to a Black hair growth vitamin would be to use something that contains Biotin in addition to other vital hair nutrients. Most hair vitamins will contain a very high percent of the daily recommended value of Biotin anyway. You’ll gain more benefit out of making sure whatever hair vitamins you use contain plenty of proteins and other B vitamins than just focusing on Biotin.

Hair Vitamins for Black Women

Hair vitamins for Black Women

Are you looking for the best hair vitamins for Black women?  If you have experienced shedding, or have thinning hair due to heat damage, or harsh relaxers and would like to get your hair back to its healthy state, there are several things to understand first.

Most important is to understand that not all hair vitamins for Black women are the same. There are some that make crazy claims yet leave out key hair nutrients (like proteins), and their are certainly cheap alternatives, however they tend not to work as well.

Here are a few common misconceptions / myths about vitamins for Black hair:

  • Just take Biotin supplements, it’s the same thing
    While there’s no questions biotin is essential for healthy hair growth, Biotin by itself probably isn’t going to be very effective. There are lot’s of other nutrients needed to heal damaged hair, and make hair grow fast healthy and long
  • You can get everything you need cheaper at GNC/Walgreens/etc…
    While it’s true you can buy single ingredient, low quality vitamins cheap at your local retail outlet, none of them will have everything that goes into carefully formulated, specially designed hair vitamins for Black women
  • MSM is the best thing to take for hair
    The sulfur content in MSM what makes it good for hair, but it still only ranks somewhere in the middle of the most important nutrients for hair growth. Plus it’s fairly cheap to include, so any vitamin for Black hair that has mostly MSM is really mostly filler. Who wants to use that when there are better more carefully designed hair vitamins for Black women available?

So then here are some generally accepted truths:

  • The key ingredient in any hair vitamins for Black Women should be proteins (amino acids)
    The hair is made from a protein called keratin, and the body needs protein to build new cells to create healthy hair follicles. The body can produce some amino acids on its own, and then get others from a common diet, but it may not be enough. Unless you closely watch what you eat, you may not be getting enough protein to grow healthy hair, and this could further lead to weak, fine, limp, hair that sheds and breaks.
  • The second most important ingredients are B-vitamins
    This includes Biotin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, and more. You very often see shampoo makers and hair treatment makers talk about B vitamin content in their products, and that is because it is essential for healthy hair.

Vitamins for Black Hair, Key Minerals

Vitamins for Black hairWhat does your hair need to be healthy?  The answer is complicated but it starts with a specific mix of nutrients including minerals, amino acids, and vitamins for Black hair or African hair types.

Firstly, let’s look at some of the needed vitamins:

  • Biotin, or vitamin B7, is a water soluble nutrient that is required for healthy cell growth. Since a hair vitamin seeks to promote the growth of cells (hair cells in particular) Biotin is one of the most essential vitamins for Black hair.
  • Niacin, vitamin B3, is another essential vitamin for hair. It stimulates hair growth by improving circulation to the scalp. Lack of circulation to the scalp is thought to be a major contributor to hair loss and fine, thin hair. If enough blood is permitted to circulate to the scalp, hair follicles can better fight off the DHT that contributes to hair loss.
  • Pantothenic acid, or vitamin B5, is another of the essential vitamins for Black hair. It’s typically one the key ingredients in shampoo and is often mentioned along with potent hair treatments. The body needs vitamin B5 to metabolize carbs, fats, and proteins.

Next some of the most essential proteins (amino acids) needed for hair growth:

  • L-cysteine – while Cysteine is usually produced in sufficient amounts by the body, adding extra is thought to improve the quality, texture, and overall health of the hair in general.
  • L-tyrosine – Tyrosine helps the body synthesize proteins. It is produced by the body, but again adding more can possibly encourage the body to synthesize materials and produce cells (hair follicles included) at a faster rate
  • All essential amino acids – This includes a group of several amino acids that are not naturally produced by the body, but are still required for healthy hair growth. Since hair follicle cells divide and grow quickly tey need a steady supply of these aminos. That’s why any good vitamins for black hair should contain ample amounts of proteins.

Finally, minerals needed for healthy hair:

  • Iron – thinning hair is actually one of the key signs of Iron deficiency. And it’s a lot more common to find iron deficiencies in a woman’s diet than a mans. So it is found in most high quality hair vitamins for Black women.
  • Silica – Makes hair appear shiny, and healthy

These are just a few of the nutrients needed to formulate high quality, effective vitamins for Black hair. So check the ingredients labels carefully on anything you are considering.

Best Black Hair Vitamins

Best Black Hair VitaminsWhat makes the best Black hair vitamins stand out from the rest? There are a few different things to look for that can lead you to picking which one will actually deliver the promised results. So here is a list of tips on picking the best Black hair vitamins for women.

  • User Reviews
    This one is probably a no brainer, but the best black hair vitamins will likely have lots of positive user feedback not only on their own site, but on third-party sites like Amazon, eBay, BizRate, etc. Certainly lots of positive reviews on the brands own site would be the biggest sign of a good product to grow faster hair, longer hair or what have you.
  • Ingredients
    No matter if the vitamins are for hair loss or making your hair color last longer they will have some primary key ingredients included. The first is a blend of amino acids (proteins). Proteins are the building blocks of hair, and thus are key ingredients in any hair supplements. Also biotin would be present in the best vitamins for Black hair, as it is needed to grow healthy hair faster.
  • Promised Results
    Consider what kind of results your are being promised. Hair on average will grow about 1/2 inch per month, and the best Black hair vitamins can possibly double that after about 90 days of consistent use. Sometimes people will see results sooner, but really growing longer hair faster does take a little bit of time.
  • Shampoo
    Why bring up shampoo if we are talking about vitamins? First to dispel the rumor that you can get away with only shampooing every once in a while. The reality is that healthy hair gets shampooed much more often. And in fact, the best Black hair vitamins brands will typically make a shampoo that is the ideal companion for their product. Any brand not doing this is simply doing a disservice to their customers.