Biotin and Black Hair Growth

Is Biotin vital to Black hair growth? The answer is absolutely, but it may not be a great stand alone hair vitamin supplement. Some people opt to take Biotin by itself to enhance Black hair growth. But often times many more hair nutrients are needed for optimum fast hair growth.

Here’s a little information on Biotin hair growth, and why it’s essential:

Biotin is a key B vitamin (B7) and is often referred to as Vitamin H due to the way it can improve hair and skin. It is a necessary nutrient used by the body when metabolizing food. But, what most people who take it don’t realize is that Biotin is typically found in sufficient amounts inside the body naturally.  So unless you have some kind of disorder that causes a Biotin deficiency, you need to use very little in the way of a Biotin supplement.

A better approach with regards to a Black hair growth vitamin would be to use something that contains Biotin in addition to other vital hair nutrients. Most hair vitamins will contain a very high percent of the daily recommended value of Biotin anyway. You’ll gain more benefit out of making sure whatever hair vitamins you use contain plenty of proteins and other B vitamins than just focusing on Biotin.

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