Find the Best Black Hair Vitamins for Women

Black hair vitamins are quickly becoming the go to hair products for many women. Because African hair types need special care and attention, a specialized hair vitamin supplement can be very beneficial. Most Black hair vitamins are suitable for all types of hair, be it natural hair, relaxed, treated with hair color and so forth. Even those suffering from hair loss due to excessive breakage or shedding could really improve their hair’s overall health by using  black hair vitamins .

So the next questions are probably what are the best black hair vitamins and what is in them? There are several brands available but the one that has been available the longest and has the highest number of positive reviews is Exotic Allure’s Fast Grow vitamins. It’s particularly popular on Amazon according to this press release. There are likely other good products out there as well, do your own searching check Facebook for black hair growth community, etc.

A less debatable topic is what ingredients should be included in the best black hair vitamins. It’s really not a subjective issue at all because it’s pretty well established what the hair needs to be healthy.

  • Proteins
    This is absolutely essential. The hair is made of a special protein called keratin and the body needs plenty of proteins (or amino acids) to grow hair.
  •  B Vitamins
    They play an essential role in creating healthy hair follicles. This is the same reason shampoo companies make a big deal about how many B vitamins their shampoo’s contain.
  • Essential Oils
    Moisturized hair is healthy hair, and the best black hair vitamins will contain some type of oil to help deal with dry hair

So keep in mind these points when considering a Black hair growth vitamin for your hair.